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November 11, 2009

Hey there. I'm the head honcho over at the Dungeons and Dragons Wiki, and noticed this wiki was just started. We have a section for adventures, but nobody's bothered to write any complete ones yet. I'm thinking I'll just axe the section, which is a bit out-of-scope for our wiki (with the exception of adventures for campaign settings that people have written for our wiki) and refer people over here. In return, I figure you could refer guys over to us as well for the stuff our wiki is good at -- homebrew material in general. That way we can get some more cross-wiki cooperation going on and life will be fun.

If you ever want to chat with us (we have a really active community), feel free to come to our chat room which is active pretty much all the time -- the link is right on the front page of our wiki and our sidebar. The chat is often D&D based, so if you want to refer people who want to talk D&D there too that would be cool as well. Best of luck to your new wiki! Surgo 03:32, November 19, 2009 (UTC)

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